Art and Science? I was born into a family with a long tradition in the artistic and scientific fields where art, music, piano and ballet has always played a big role since early childhood. Born in Charkow, Ukraine in 1987, I grew up in Charkow (Ukraine), various European countries as well as Southeast Asia, Vietnam due to my father's research and teaching activities as a math professor and my mother's teaching activities as a dancer as well as studying cultural management and managing cultural institutions. As a toddler, I watched the performances at the Academy of Dance in Vietnam, Hanoi, where my mother was trained to become a ballerina and teacher. At the age of 6 I moved from Asia to Europe, Germany. In addition to music, I quickly discovered fine arts, painting, drawing and fashion as my passion. As a child, I spent a lot of time painting and drawing. I spent  hours painting as soon as I got home from school, on the floor or wherever the opportunity arose. My parents quickly recognized my enthusiasm and talent. They specifically encouraged my development.


Art In art I was able to immerse myself and focus so much that I forgot everything around me. I was soon taking adult painting classes and was the only child in these classes. At the age of 12 I began mentoring and teaching drawing courses for children, young people and adults on weekends and during public holidays at the Volkshochschule (VHS) in Lich, later other courses followed in Hessen, Germany.

Art or Science? Attending a boarding school on Lake Constance at a Benedictine school (Heimschule Kloster Wald with the principle: with hand, heart and mind) made it possible for me to complete a state-recognized tailoring apprenticeship parallel to my Abitur (German High School). In addition, I was able to expand my artistic knowledge in the field of theater, choir, piano concerts and as a piano teacher. I was able to gain pedagogical experience within the framework of promoting my classmates and following classes in natural science subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and English. I motivated my classmates to introduce physics as a subject of concentration in   the German Abitur at a girls´ school and successfully campaigned for its  implementation. At CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), I was allowed to share my understanding of applied physics with my lecture on particle accelerators with my classmates. Life in the convent school not only shaped my character, but also my sense of style. School has taught me discipline, moderation, a penchant for clear lines and humility - "We are just waves in time and space, constantly changing and the illusion of individuality is created by the concatenation of rapidly successive phases of existence" - N Tesla. After graduating from high school, I did a creative fashion internship in a haute couture atelier in Vienna and thereafter I entered the Rotterdam School of Management, Holland to study International Business Administration. In addition to studying International Business Administration (IBA), my passion as a member of the committee for academic conferences and in cooperation with the team for networks within the STAR Study Association (Europe's largest business student organization, the Rotterdam School of Management), was to gather representatives from business as well as bringing industries together as speakers for the campus and students for academic conferences, international exchanges as well as networking with universities and students from different countries around the world. Then, love and the birth of our son took me back to my homeland to study medicine. During my studies I was again allowed to pursue my passion for teaching other people and sharing my knowledge as an ultrasound mentor. This was followed by my specialization in the field of diagnostic and interventional radiology until 2020. Here, too, with Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology) I subconsciously chose a subject that combines both art and science. This enabled me to expand my knowledge of human anatomy, engineering, analysis and the scientific approach.


Inspiration With family roots in the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia as well as an international group of friends, I would call myself a cosmopolitan, always full of curiosity and openness to get to know new cultures, languages, topics and new perspectives. If you were to ask me about my role models and sources of inspiration, these are N. Tesla, Z. Wou-ki, L. Da Vinci, C. Chanel, M. Sert, A. Einstein, C.G. Jung, P. Picasso, C. Monet, V. v. Gogh, M. Rothko, L.v. Beethoven, F. Chopin, K. Lagerfeld, B. Lee and S. Jobs. In recent years I have asked myself the following questions: What is my real, authentic self? What am I good at? How can I use the knowledge I have learned so far to make a contribution to society and create added value? The desire to follow my vocation and passion has developed, to make connections, to bring people together, to share and promote knowledge, creativity and talent. 

ARTSCIENCE It has never been a decision „either or“, but always „both and“. Both, the Asian and Western culture and values. Both, art and science. Both, being a radiologist and an artist. Against this background, I share a deep resonance with Zao Wou-ki. As a synesthet, I paint the music I am listening to. For me, painting is a form of meditation, music & art a key to the collective subconscious and creative flow. In the flow you leave consciousness aside. "A person paints with his brain and not with his hands," said Michelangelo. Music is made up of vibrations and frequencies, the same goes for colours. "We see colours, but not wavelengths." wrote C.G. Jung, who dealt deeply with the collective subconscious.


"no Limit"


"If you always set limits, on everything you do, physically or everything else, then this will result in limits in your work and your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus. And you mustn't stop there, you have to go beyond that. ”- B. Lee


I am convinced that there is creative potential in each and everyone of us, we just have to find the right key for the door. And what is more fun than making this a shared meditative & creative experience and exchange? I am looking forward to shaping the future creatively with you and I am looking forward to meeting your creativity.