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The creation of my artwork develops in a process that is intertwined with my synesthesia. Music consists of frequencies and wavelengths as do colors. My sound perception is translated from one medium into the other both with kinesthesia and with my feeling and other senses. For example, high notes, as we often find in the music of “Chopin”, sound more yellowish or pastel to me and not dark brown or ocher. For me frequencies is the common language. Our human body consists of around 70 - 85 percent water, depending on the individual and age. Particles and water vibrate differently at different frequencies. There is a lot more to discover in this area. In order to achieve an optimal made-to-measure result, I opted for an acrylic surface, which, with its smooth surface, is perceived as a contrast to the structural relief of the creation. The strong colors that I use in the process are created by myself using color pigments and deliver my intense and optimistic vision of our common future either with a "green spirit on earth" or "adventurous in space". As a synesthete, I paint the music I hear. Synesthesia of sound, color and form - Music-color synesthesia It is the color impression created by sound, or the musical impression created by shape or color. In short, the perception of sound is transformed into color and shape. Dive deeper into my artworks and online shop to find out which associated music titles served as inspiration.

Courtesy of DooPiano.

Quynh Klaus
Quynh Klaus

Artworks from my youth and childhood years.

Zao Wou-Ki - Source of inspiration and role model. I am grateful for the masterpiece he has left us.